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Team Member: Danny Weeks
Lamco Team Danny

Danny Weeks

Director & General Workshop Manager

Danny is Lamco’s founder. In 1975 his pioneering use of the new laminate material became the basis for our name; the Laminate Company, or ‘Lamco’.

Danny learnt and perfected the ‘old school’ joiners craft, and with this skill he strove to create unique and top-quality bespoke furniture. His love of innovation has driven a tireless pursuit of remaining at the forefront of modern trends.

Danny’s original vision of using the very latest materials and trialing more effective ways of manufacturing furniture is still realised in the company today. Since 1975, Lamco has grown and evolved into one of the leading high-end bespoke furniture manufactures in the South. Furniture and the company name of Lamco is a religion to Danny. He lives and breaths furniture. It’s a way of life for him that spans decades. Out of work Danny is a keen gardener and loves looking after his grandchildren.

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